Thursday, January 29, 2009

Studio Hijinks

Well we have been hard at work in the studio getting the CD ready. We tried to get as much done before Aaron had knee surgery so we booked a 12 hour session at and tracked four songs. Considering each song is around 6-8 minutes long and we did quite a few takes of each that was quite a job.

We are trying to get a fairly live sound on the CD, which is not to say we won't be doing overdubs and punch-ins, or even some editing, but we want the thrust of the project to be live-off-the-floor (does anyone actually use that term anymore?). We were able to get good takes of all the songs and we were also able to video tape parts thereof. I just finished a video of Aaron playing drums on MadNight take 1 (a take we didn't use). This is all live in the studio except I processed the sax solo with an amp simulator and re-amped my di'd guitar into my Mesa. We are missing some keyboard parts and the mix is obviously a rough one, but all in all it is a fairly accurate representation of what we sound like. Listen to it here

Now we are finalizing the art-work and looking at a myriad of mock-ups. Francis has done a superlative job and once we decide on our final choices I'll post some of the stuff he has come up with. It seems that most bands these days are eschewing CD releases in favour of downloads, but we decided to not only release a CD, but to make it an elaborate and full-blown one at that. Our label 10T records, has a new download site they'll have up and running soon, so that those who want to just dl tracks can do so, but being an old-fashioned guy, I still want to have the complete package done up for those who prefer that kind of thing (me mostly it seems). No matter.

WE also have a new Reverbnation account AND a Facebook account (finally) so here are the links: and our facebook account is

They are both new accounts so stop by and share the love.

Ok, that's it for now. We are continuing our recording (or will be once Aaron is on his feet again...or as is more appropriate given the fact he is a drummer, on his butt) and are working on the group keyboard parts for the interludes that string our massive 35 minute epic "The Discovery of Witchcraft" together (how corny is that?).